about Alan

That's me.

I am a PhD researcher with COSIC at the KU Leuven, Belgium. My research interests include post-quantum cryptography, especially multivariate quadratic cryptosystems; zero-knowledge proofs; quantum algorithms and quantum cryptanalysis; theory of cryptography and provable security; mathematics of public-key cryptography; and complexity theory. I was a teacher’s assistant for Toegepaste Algebra (B-KUL-H01A4A, “applied algebra”) and deputy ombudsman for the Master of Mathematical Engineering. Apparently, if you ask nicely, I will also teach exercises on provable security for Advanced Methods in Cryptography (B-KUL-H03G5A).

My non-professional interests include other areas of computer science such as artificial intelligence and machine learning, formal languages, logic, type theory, software security, bitcoin; as well as unrelated areas of science such as philosophy, libertarianism, Austrian economics, psychology, physics, anthropology. In my spare time I like to practice Brazilian jiu-jitsu.

Contact Info

ESAT – COSIC, Computer Security and Industrial Cryptography
Kasteelpark Arenberg 10 – box 2452
3001 Leuven
office B01.18
tel. +32 16 32 19 53
alan dot szepieniec at esat dot kuleuven dot be / at gmail dot com
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